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Company data
This site belongs to I.B.O. Srl - I - 28015 Momo - (NO) - SS 229 Km. 13,500 - e-mail info@ibo.it - tel: +39 0322 ­806 197 - fax: +39 0322 ­806 623

Privacy Policy
No data we collect is shared with others. 
We are available for any doubt, request for verification or data cancellation.

Who collects the data  
All emails, or data provided voluntarily by visitors, are sent exclusively to the owner of the site

Responsible for conservation  
Margherita Maffei - I.B.O. Srl 

Data that can be collected  
1. e-mails sent to info@ibo.it
2. IP addresses (made anonymous) that allow you to make browsing statistics or block unwanted accesses
3. any requests sent by the site visitor via the information request “form” 

How they are collected
the data are collected via e-mails or forms and are hosted internally in our company or on the Italian web farm
the statistical data used to monitor the use of the website are hosted on the Italian web farm or on companies that comply with European privacy regulations

Because they are collected 
1. to enable us to communicate
2. for security reasons, IP addresses not linked to personal data (to block unwanted access to the site)
3. for the statistics of visitors to the pages of the site, IP addresses not linked to personal data

Sharing of data 
No data received from us is disclosed
No data is used for marketing.

User rights
The User can request the updating, integration, cancellation of the collected data by sending an email to the address of the data retention manager.

Cookies policy

This site does NOT use cookies.

The User is free to configure his browser to automatically accept or reject all cookies or to receive a notification on the screen of the transmission of each cookie and decide from time to time whether to accept it. The user can revoke the consent to the use of cookies at any time also by using the specific functions of his browser.

How to disable cookies
If you want to disable cookies from our website or any other site, you can use the configuration options of your web browser. To find out how to do it in each browser, follow these links:

If you use a web browser other than those mentioned, consult its documentation to find out how to delete cookies.

Last update: 22-01-2022